You need climbing shoes which you can hire at reception and the staff can help you with sizing. Hoodies are allowed but please try to avoid baggy clothes if possible due to the snagging risk. In the winter it can get cold at the centre: please wrap up warm with more layers/baselayers if you have them.
Yes! We got into climbing as it was an activity we could do as a family, so we want to reflect that at Northway too! However we cannot have under 4's climbing. Please note we are not a clip and climb center and all under 18's will need supervision.
We offer bouldering and rope climbing!
Yes! We have a café and seating area.
Yes we have a gym and training board.
Yes! Please contact us for more details.
The minimum age a child can climb at Northway is 4 years old. All children need to be supervised by an adult at all times.
Sure. you can book a session to learn the basics below. For other questions, please send us an email.
Bouldering is the act of low climbing, without the use of ropes and harnesses. It can be done on your own as you do not need the assistance of another climber. Bouldering allows you the freedom to try different routes without needing to be tied in with a harness each time. If you would like to Boulder at Northway Climbing Centre and have not done so before, you will need to attend a 30 minute safety induction before you are able to climb. If you are an experienced boulderer, you can just turn up!
Top roping is where the climbing rope is already in place. The rope is threaded through an anchor at the top of the climbing wall. The person climbing "ties in" to one end of the rope, and the belayer manages the other end of the rope, taking in the slack as the climber ascends the climbing wall. Rope Climbing gives you the opportunity to climb to new heights, without the same worry of the possibility of falling from the wall as you have the support of another person who is belaying you. Lead climbing is a more advanced technique where the climber manages the rope themselves as they climb, clipping it as they move up the route (so it is not already threaded through an anchor before they start climbing). They may clip into quickdraws, which are special snap-gate clips attached to the wall, many times on one single ascent. The belayer also needs to work in a more advanced way, ensuring the climber has enough rope to reach and clip safely but also not too much rope in case the climber falls.
Sorry for any inconvenience but we are cashless.